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Tramonto Fine Italian Dining - Dessert

Sweet Indulgence

Dark Chocolate Praline Cake $11
Valhrona chocolate ganache, gianduja crunch, white chocolate gelato

Tiramisu Brulée $7
mascarpone, Frangelico, Marsala, coffee, brulée

Pear Trio $9
walnut pear soup, warm tarte tatin, pear sorbet

Crepes Suzette $9
crepes, orange segments, Grand Manier sauce, vanilla gelato

NY Cheese Cake $11
white chocolate cheese cake, Irish cream gelato, mocha sauce

Smores $9
gianduja crunch, dark chocolate ganache, torched marshmallow, bitter caramel cherry sauce

Gelato and Sorbets $9
choice of 3
Gelato: Tahitian vanilla, dark chocolate, Irish cream Sorbets: mango, pear sorbet, raspberry

Tramonto Indulged Coffee $9
any espresso or brewed coffee served with biscotti, macaroons and dark chocolate truffle


Cheese Plate $15
6oz of Québec artisan cheeses, fresh pear, roasted nuts fig chutney, sundried cranberries, crostinis

choice of three cheese selection:

St. Raymond
cow's milk, mild creamy flavour, nutty notes

Le Cendrillon
goat's milk, ash-covered, semi-strong, pronounced with age

cow's milk, similar to Cambozola, blue cheese taste, decadent

Le Cantonnier
cow's milk, semi-soft, surface-ripened pressed cheese, with washed rind

Sir Laurier d'Arthabaska
cow's milk, soft paste, very fruity

Triple Crème Brie
cow's milk, luxurious, slightly sweet, creamy texture