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Tramonto Fine Italian Dining - Dinner Menu


Dungeness Crab Cake $15
Dungeness crab cake, celeriac remoulade, micro greens

Escargot $11
tomato basil garlic butter sauce, chili, lardons, grilled artichoke, focaccia crostini

Carpaccio $15
shaved pepper crusted USDA Prime Beef tenderloin, grilled asparagus and arugula salad winter truffle, Parmigiano-Reggiano

Quail $15
mushroom and walnut stuffed Mt. Lehman quail, butternut squash purée, truffle arancini port wine reduction

Scallops $17
seared scallops, pulled pork, sweet peas, lobster cream, tarragon

Goat Cheese $15
warm pistachio crusted goat cheese, Parma ham, marinated grape tomatoes, lemon confit, olive oil

Platters for two

Antipasto $25
grilled prawns and scallops, marinated clams and mussels house smoked BC wild salmon, grilled vegetables, olives, mortadella, salami Parma ham, Pecorino, lucanica sausage, caponata, crostinis

Seafood $41
Atlantic lobster tail, scallops, white prawns, Dungeness crab claws Salt Spring Island mussels, Manilla clams, citrus herb butter sauce


Parsnip $11
parsnip velouté, duck confit, balsamic pear chutney, Grana Padano tuile

Mushroom $13
BC wild mushroom velouté, Parmigiano-Reggiano smoked bacon mushroom and Gruyère vol-au-vent


Wild Greens $9
BC greens, roasted butternut squash, goat cheese, grilled sweet red onion chili spiced pumpkin seeds, apple vinaigrette

Caesar $11
baby red and green romaine hearts, Caesar dressing garlic herb croutons, Parmigiano-Reggiano

Woodland Mushroom $13
warm sautéed woodland mushrooms, caramelized lardons, croutons, frisée, arugula Parmigiano-Reggiano, roasted hazelnut vinaigrette


Sablefish $33
seared BC sablefish, tomato Swiss chard and asparagus risotto, Manilla clam pesto sauce

Sturgeon $35
seared BC sturgeon, parsnip purée, roasted sunchokes, Swiss chard wild mushrooms, roasted almond jus

Chicken $33
goat cheese and winter truffle stuffed Maple Hill Farms chicken breast, red wine and leek braised leg, Yukon Gold potato purée, ratatouille stuffed patty pan squash, cipollini onion

Pork $35
roasted Gelderman Farms pork butt, soft corn polenta, porcini mushrooms, spinach caramelized figs, pomegranate port wine jus

Wagyu Beef $12/oz
(minimum 7oz)
grilled Australian Wagyu beef ribeye, pea and wild mushroom risotto grilled asparagus, Barolo reduction

Beef $41
grilled USDA Prime Beef tenderloin, truffle Yukon Gold potato gratin wild mushrooms, parsnip purée, shallot confit, green peppercorn Cognac sauce

Duck Duo $35
pan roasted Fraser Valley Peking breast, juniper spiced sausage, sweet cream corn grilled fennel, elderberry jus

Lamb $45
roasted rack, persillade, ratatouille stuffed patty pan squash, Swiss chard roasted fingerling potatoes, herbes de Provence mustard jus


Linguine $31
grilled scallops and white prawns, Manilla clams, chili, tomato, Pinot Grigio, cream Italian parsley, Parma ham

Garganelli $31
braised short rib, blue cheese cream sauce, tomato confit, wild mushrooms, cipollini onion

Spaghetti $27
steelhead, asparagus, tomato confit, pesto cream sauce, pine nuts

Lasagna $25
roasted vegetables, mushroom ragout, spinach, ricotta, Parmigiano-Reggiano mozzarella, persillade

Gnocchi $25
Italian sausage meatballs, caramelized onions, wild mushrooms sugar snap peas, Pinot Grigio velouté, arugula

Cannelloni $23
seasoned beef cannelloni, tomato sauce, wild mushrooms, Parmigiano-Reggiano, arugula

Risotto $23
roasted butternut squash, sage, walnuts, wild mushrooms Parma ham, Parmigiano-Reggiano


Potato Gnocchi Gratin $5
Yukon Gold Potato Purée $5
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes $7
Truffle Cream Corn $7
Mushroom Risotto $11
Sautéed BC Wild Mushrooms $7
Seasonal Vegetables $7
Steamed Asparagus $7
Garlic Prawns $15
Atlantic Lobster Tail $21